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Market Liaison

Carbon Market Consultancy

Voluntary & Compliance carbon market consultancy

Corporate ESG Advisory

Helping corporations integrate ESG considerations into their business strategies and operations

Carbon offset projects

Initiatives to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, such as reforestation, renewable energy, or energy efficiency projects

Carbon Registries

From the Ground, Up

We operate round the clock, with access to both sides of the markets within each continent

Project Development Documents (PDD)

Resources and guidance to develop and complete project development documents for project registration

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Project Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis of projects before committing thousands of dollars and investing resources

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Projects, Clients & Network

We can help you navigate the complex landscape of carbon markets

We will be with you, every step of the way providing guidance and advising how to participate in the carbon markets, be it Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) or Compliance Carbon Market (CCM)

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Climate Action Advisory

Measure your climate emission & risks

Define and set a climate goal

Offset strategy

Deploy climate strategy

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Regenerative Agriculture

Focus on Agriculture

The communities in which we serve and sustainable restoration are our main priorities.

Mr. Farmer

Regenerative Agriculture

Carbon Conscious Events

Host carbon neutral events

Calculate your event’s carbon footprint

We’ll carry out an evaluation to calculate the carbon footprint of your event, taking into account emissions from waste, meals, transport by attendees, and energy use. You’ll get a report that details the carbon impact of your event, split down by emissions source.

Offset into our portfolio of diverse projects

By purchasing carbon offsets to offset your footprint, you can make your event carbon neutral. On your behalf, we’ll retire carbon credits, and we’ll also give you a certificate attesting to your purchase. Your offset will help our broad range of international climate projects.

Make your impact known

We will send you a marketing package with information about the projects you backed, including images and sample social media posts, to assist you in showcasing the impact of your offset. Use this knowledge to create engaging messages regarding the environmental commitment of your event.

Carbon credits

Choose from the portfolio of high-integrity climate projects

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Leading clients

Highest standards


Boost productivity, buy green energy, and decarbonize your supply chain.

Our expertise spans all areas, including project creation for carbon and biodiversity offsets, sales and marketing, and climate advisory.

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Litchie Trees


Make the earth more beautiful

Businesses must put sustainability and the environment at the centre of their operations if they want to contribute to the growth of our economy and society


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