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100+ Partners Worldwide

Whether you are a project developer or an offset consumer, we understand one of the largest hindrances of being involved in this sector and the CCM/VCM markets is time and money.

At Carbon Floor, we are your ‘biggest fan’. We are here to relieve you of the complicated, timely, and expensive matter of connecting you to your target clientele and closing on the deals you are looking for. We believe corporations should focus on what they do best, and leave the worrying and negotiations to us. We are there for you, cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way.

Our business operates round the clock, with access to both sides of the markets within each continent. There isn’t a project type or sector we don’t work with.

Our level of transparency removes the smoke and mirrors. We have been on both sides of the conversation and are here to provide clear and concise directions, assisting our clients so that they may navigate the sustainability sector with the utmost confidence.