Carbon Market Consultancy

Our Voluntary and Compliance Carbon Market Consultancy service helps clients to navigate the complex landscape of carbon markets, ensuring that they are able to participate in the most effective and responsible way possible.

Voluntary carbon markets allow organizations to voluntarily purchase carbon offsets or credits to reduce their carbon footprint or support carbon reduction projects

Compliance carbon markets, on the other hand, are typically regulated by government bodies and require organizations to meet certain emissions reduction targets.

We offer a multitude of tools under this service that includes

Carbon accounting and reporting

We help our clients to calculate their carbon footprint and report on their emissions. This would include calculating both direct and indirect emissions and accounting for emissions associated with the entire value chain of a product or service.

Market analysis and strategy

We advise our clients on the best approach to take in the carbon markets, based on their specific needs and goals. This could involve analyzing market trends, identifying potential carbon reduction projects, and developing a carbon reduction strategy that aligns with the client’s overall business objectives.

Carbon offset sourcing and verification

We help our help clients to identify and source carbon offsets or credits, ensuring that they are legitimate and meet the required standards. This would involve verifying the quality and authenticity of carbon offsets and ensuring that they meet the criteria set by the relevant certification standards.

Compliance and regulatory support

We provide our clients with advice and guidance on how to comply with regulatory requirements in carbon markets, including reporting and verification requirements. Helping them navigate any regulatory hurdles or compliance issues that may arise.

Stakeholder engagement and communication

We advise our clients on how to engage with stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, on their carbon reduction efforts. This involves developing a communication strategy that effectively communicates the organization’s commitment to carbon reduction and its progress toward meeting its goals.